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Crown Industries BSC [C] established in 1997 by a group of prominent Bahraini Businessmen in the Kingdom of Bahrain. Crown Industries BSC (C) is the Pioneer re-cycling Company in the Kingdom of Bahrain started during 1997 by our Chairman Mr. Khalid Al-Sharif in moderate level and has grown significantly during the last 23 Years. We enjoy good reputation in local and international market by providing quality products and services.

Crown Industries BSC (C), is the only Company in the Kingdom with full capability to recycle ferrous, non-ferrous, plastic metals, obsolete machinery, electric and instrumentation cables, plant and machinery, equipment, specialized in dismantling projects etc. We maintain our own fully comprehensive range of transport vehicles, plant and machinery, lifting equipment to handle the feedstock quickly and efficiently using our specially trained and highly experienced employees.


Crown Industries BSC (C) aims to recycle the waste and scrap generated in
the Kingdom of Bahrain and provide its domestic and foreign customers with
recovered raw materials of the highest quality.

The company provides waste management and recycling services to its
customers, protects the environment, and promotes recycling to ensure a safe
and healthy community for present and future generations.


Recycle, re-generate, recover resources, curb landfill, safely manages waste, and
protects the environment of the Kingdom of Bahrain

Recycle is our National Responsibility